- A FIZZY,


Low calories

100% Natural

No added sugar


The Story of Fevo

It’s time to start a Fizzy Movement!

Meet FEVO – a natural, refreshing drink with the real taste of tea, fun of bubbly fizz and a dash of fruit to surprise your taste buds.

And for those who think fizz can’t be healthy, this low calorie drink with no added sugar makes sure you sip away guilt free.

So simply pop a can, sip and share!



A cool get-together of real tea with a dash of tang and a hint of sweet. POP a can and let the fun begin!


One sip tea. One sip fruit. SIP and guess till the last drop.


A cool swirl of tea with a gingery, zesty twist. Indulge in every sip and SHARE the fun.

Why Fevo

We all crave for a cool thirst-quencher every now and then. A fizzy cola, bubbly apple juice, cold pressed orange juice, an iced tea or a pack of sweet lassi. We seldom pause and think of the battle that our body fights with oodles of calories, sugar or harmful artificial sweeteners in diet drinks.

So do we need to choose between fun and health?

Not with FEVO. Because with FEVO we bring you best of both worlds, where health can fizzle too. With just 15 calories every 100 ml and no added sugar, you body is happy too!

The health booster


Rich source of polyphenols,


and theamine


Rich source of vitamins,

minerals and



Rich source of vitamin C


Rich source of Gingerol

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Stores in Bangalore and Delhi



Dr. Amit Chakrabortty has lived in 3 continents and travelled across the globe which gave him deep insights into products and consumer needs in various markets with almost two decades of experience in very large multi-national FMCG Companies such and GSK and Unilever.

FEVO, is his latest and probably most personal contribution in FMCG, another feather to his cap. “Beverages from abroad have been making a mark in the Indian market. I believe it’s time we present to them a drink that’s entrenched in our tea-drinking culture, Made in India for the world.”

Shumon Banerjee is a Sales and Marketing specialist and has travelled across the world. He was in North America for last 2 decades and worked in Global Sales and Marketing roles for SAP Honeywell and Oracle which gave him deep insights into opening markets and creating revenue streams. His love for Tea and India got him to be part of his latest and most dear to his heart venture, FEVO – World’s First 100% natural Carbonated tea.

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